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Criterion TCD 610SE


The TCD 610 W SE is a further development of the TCD 610 W, and is now equipped with very special and completely new deep bass drive units.

MSRP: Rp68,000,000

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The TCD 610 W SE is a further development of the TCD 610 W, and is now equipped with very special and completely new deep bass drive units. The integral amplifier has also been revised and modified to suit these drivers, offering unprecedented dynamism and fleetness, combined with huge power reserves and superb sound quality. It generates more than 1000 Watt, and is coupled directly to the two 26 cm special drivers with their very low resonant frequency, permitting even greater cone excursions. The net result is low bass reproduction with a level of stability under load which would be impossible in any other way.

The TCD 610 W SE features even greater power reserves in the deep bass range than the standard version. The mechanical stress acting upon the bass drivers of a sub-woofer are gigantic, and rise rapidly as the frequency diminishes. At high volume levels the drive units can easily approach their mechanical performance limits - especially if driven by high-power output stages. Although many sub-woofers are capable of producing high volume, they also generate very high levels of harmonic distortion and thereby lose their clarity. It is true that the human ear is relatively insensitive in this frequency range, but a trained and demanding listener very quickly detects poor bass quality. For this reason we have developed a completely new and very special „State of the Art“ drive unit for the SE version. This unit has outstandingly good mechanical characteristics, and does not reach its limits even at extreme levels and cone excursions! The cast aluminium basket is completely immune to torsional stress. It is constructed with many narrow struts in order to avoid air turbulence, and is designed to allow the use of special long-throw cone surrounds and centring spider. The large, flat centring spider is made of specially impregnated woven material, and accurately centres the voice coil in the air gap, while the long-throw synthetic rubber suspension guides the cone completely straight, without wavering, even at very high travels. The four-layer voice coil is made of high-purity copper, wound on a black-anodised aluminium carrier, and finished with a baked, heat-resistant, high-temperature lacquer. The cone is produced from a mixture of air-dried cellulose and carbon, and is extremely hard and torsionally rigid.


Output power

1000 Watts

Peak output

1500 Watts

Frequency range

15 - 150 Hz

Drive unit (bass)

2 x 260 mm

Crossover frequency


Dimensions H x W x D

70 x 36 x 49 cm


48 kg


Rubbed lacquer white 11

Rubbed lacquer black 12

Walnut dark 81

Cherry stain 82

Macassar ebony 90

High gloss white 24

High gloss black 23

High gloss walnut dark 89

High gloss cherry stain 88

High gloss macassar ebony 87

Technical modifications reserved


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