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Silver Series 


March 2014

Superb AV Package Shines

The March 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine features a First Test review of Silver 6AV12, where the 5.1 surround system impressed to the tune of five stars.  

The system teams the Slender Silver 6 floor stander with the acoustically matched Silver Centre and dual-dispersion FX surrounds, for an enveloping audio experience.  All of this, supported by a rich layer of deep bass potency from the awesome 500 watt Silver W12 subwoofer means the Silver 6AV12 unifies form and function, and produces nothing less than precise and compelling sound.  What Hi-Fi? agreed that this wonderfully complete package delivers a "..sound quality that will worry most rivals" and concluded that the system delivers "Well matched; seamless integration with the subwoofer; insight and precision; finish."

You can read the full review in the March 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

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