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Bronze Series

Bronze BX blends the best of its award-winning BR predecessors with the technologies of our Platinum and RX ranges to set a new standard of performance and quality in its price class. The Bronze BX evolution features C-CAM® drivers, single bolt driver fixings, improved crossovers, HiVE reflex ports, magnetic grille attachment and no fewer than four vinyl wood finishes in Walnut, Natural Oak, Rosemah and Black Oak. From the top of their beautifully made cabinets to their precision-machined footings, the seven slender Bronze BX models demonstrate an accomplished union of fidelity and style that evokes the truest spirit of Monitor Audio.

In Bronze BX the benefits of our ceaseless search for audio purity and design excellence are dedicated to your enjoyment of music and film audio.


  • C-CAM® Gold dome tweeter
  • C-CAM® Bass drivers
  • C-CAM® mid-range drivers
  • Magnetic grilles
  • New crossovers
  • HiVe® II High Velocity reflex port
  • Single Bolt-through drivers


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Bronze Series

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BX 5


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BX 6


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