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Shadow Series

Monitor Audio's Shadow range brilliantly cools the friction between the desire for open plan styling and the need for full surround home theatre dynamics.

Think about a shadow: it has no physical depth but can be larger than life. This is the magical effect created by Monitor Audio's ultra-thin Shadow range of home theatre speakers, designed to complement the profile of flat TV displays and for super-discreet installation around the home.

The Shadow range is engineered to achieve an astonishing unity of wafer-thin design and life-like sound, complete with the natural dynamism and wideband response you'd expect from larger, more obtrusive speakers. This elusive blend of high performance and lifestyle appeal is the work of innovative flat-profile driver designs, developed using new materials and thousands of hours of Computer Aided Design and performance simulation.

The four Shadow speakers are conceived to work in pairs for music, or combined in supremely low profile multi-channel systems, ready to unleash the full audio impact of today's Blu-ray and other HD audio sources. There's the diminutive Shadow 25, supplied with a shelf stand option; two main speakers: the Shadow 50 and the Shadow 60 (for 50"+ displays), and the Shadow Centre speaker: a dedicated centre-channel design supplied with a shelf/rack mounting option.


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Shadow Series



The ultra-compact S25 is designed for …

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The S50 is designed to coordinate with …

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The S60 uses a similar driver …

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The Shadow centre is designed as a …

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