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Azur 651R

Azur 651R Home Cinema Receiver
Finally, a home cinema receiver that will make your music sound as great as your movies. The Cambridge Audio Azur 651R is perfect for pumping out audiophile stereo and the biggest of big-screen surround sound action.

MSRP: Rp26,600,000

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Azur 651R Home Cinema Receiver

As great for music as it is for movies
The 651R is designed from the ground up to perform at its peak not just when driving up to 7.1 surround sound speaker set-ups, but also to deliver stunning, pin-sharp stereo music from your main front speakers. Such versatility is rare indeed.  
Powerful amplification
7.1 outputs delivering 175W RMS power stereo (2 channel, 6 ohms) and 100W RMS power surround sound (7 channel, 8 ohms).
Versatile speaker set-ups
Run as a 7.1 system (with option to run twin subs), or as a 5.1 system with the option to bi-amp and bi-wire the hi-fi speakers or run a second zone in another room - the choice is yours.
DTS remapping
DTS-HD High Resolution and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound formats do not support more than one standardised 7.1 home speaker layout. So, if your home speakers are arranged differently to the layout the soundtrack was recorded in, they can end up out of phase. But simply choose the 7.1 speaker arrangement that matches yours on the Azur 651R and 751R and the signal will be perfectly rephased.
Full Room Audyssey Room EQ
Our latest-generation EQ, dynamic volume and phasing automatic setup system means the 651R will always sound at its best, no matter what shape or size your room is, and no matter where you sit - with setup optimised for three separate seating locations.
Zone 2 with "Follow Main"
Most modern, surround sound home cinema receivers will let you run a second audio zone somewhere else in the house. You can listen to one piece of music in one room, while listening to something else in a second room. The catch? The second room can only use an analogue source for the audio. Of course, the 651R can do this too. But with its "Follow Main" mode, it can do something more - something unique to our receivers. In "Follow Main" two rooms can simultaneously receive the same digital audio signals, including the audio from HDMI.
Anchor Bay ABT2010 scaler
This video processor upscales any source, including analogue standard definition, to pin-sharp 1080p Full HD. The amp also uniquely features a "bypass" mode to improve picture quality by avoiding the common problem of "double scaling", where your Blu-ray player, PS3 or video streamer has already upscaled content once, and your receiver then scales it again.
"Sound First" design principles
By focussing solely on the things that make music and movies sound and look so good that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and cutting out any extra cost and clutter, we aim to deliver the best-sounding system at this price you'll ever hear. That means we remove stuff that you don't need and which can introduce distortion to your all-important audio and video signals - like a phono stage, networking capabilities or a pre-amp in a home cinema receiver. Everything that's left is there to make your music and movies sound and look better.
Audiophile grade components
As well as a full metal chassis, toroidal transformers and X-Tract near-silent cooling, the 651R features isolated input and video processing boards, individual crossovers for each speaker and Advanced Bass Management to ensure minimum noise distortion, maximum video quality, and the best quality audio out of whatever sound format is playing.
Toroidal transformer
At Cambridge Audio, we're huge fans of what these premium components can do for audio quality. So, while other people save them for their top-of-the-line separates, we put them everywhere we can. As well as delivering a high purity, low-distortion signal they deliver a better bass response. For pure audio quality and minimum distortion, we accept nothing less.
All-metal case
Chosen not just for its good looks (although we think our solid, brushed aluminium fronts make a great addition to any home), we design all-metal cases because they're very stable and  introduce less resonance  to any signal.
x-tract-cooling-tbX-Tract cooling
Our near-silent cooling combination of funnelling heat through a heatsink and thermostatically controlled fan means that our systems stay cool without delivering distracting noise. Only at moments of peak power use will the fan really be at full speed (and those moments, of course, will be when you won't be able to hear it).
Dual Texas Instruments 32-bit DSPs
High-quality and up-to-the-minute digital signal processors mean the 651R plays all the latest audio formats including: Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II/x/z, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and many more.
175 watts RMS per channel
4 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs
Anchor Bay ABT2010 scaler video
Scaler bypass mode – allows user to engage/disengage video scaler for each input as appropriate
Oversize low flux toroidal transformer and discrete amplifiers delivering ultra-low noise and distortion
Dual Texas Instruments 32-bit DSPs for compatibility with the latest CODECs
Audyssey 2EQ Room EQ, Dynamic Volume, Dynamic Loudness and Autosetup
Full 5.1/7.1 multi-channel analogue inputs and preamp outputs
DTS Speaker re-mapping or Prologic IIz post processing for 5.1 + Height configurations
Independent Zone 2 audio and video output
Supplied with separate zone 2 remote control
Twin subwoofer outputs
Individual Crossovers and Advanced Bass Management
Bi-amp mode for front left/right with surround back left/right in 5.1 set-up
X-Tract™ Forced/Convection Heat Tunnel for virtually silent performance
FM/AM tuner with RDS
RS232 control, IR Inputs, IR Outputs, Trigger outputs
Low resonance, acoustically damped full metal chassis
Pure Analogue Stereo Direct
Also controllable from 651BD/751BD remote
Power output 175W RMS per channel, into 6 ohms (two channels driven)
140W RMS per channel, into 8 ohms (two channels driven)
100W RMS per channel, into 8 ohms (all 7 channels driven)
HDMI HDMI 1.4a, EIA/CEA - 861D, HDCP 1.1, ARC and 3D-TV/deep colour pass through supported
Architecture Cirrus Logic CS43122 24-bit 192kHz capable DAC for Front Left & Right
Cirrus Logic CS52526 24-bit 192kHz capable CODEC for surround channels + 24-bit 2 channel
A/D Conversion Two TI Aureus DA788 32-bit DSPs
Anchor Bay ABT2010 scaler
Audio Inputs 8 x Line Level Analogue
Tuner (FM/AM)
7.1 multi-channel analogue Input
5 x digital co-axial, 5 x digital optical
Video Inputs 4 x HDMI
3 x Component Video
4 x Composite
4 x S-Video
Main Audio Outputs 7 x Amplified Speaker Outputs, 7.2 Preamp outputs
Main Video Output 2 x HDMI (1.4a), ARC through HDMI A
Zone 2 Outputs Surround back channels, 2.1 preamp audio outputs, component, S-Video and composite video outputs
Recording Audio Outputs 2 x Line Level Analogue
2 x Digital Co-Axial, 2 Digital Optical
Other connections 1 1/4" / 6.35mm Headphone Output (32 To 600 ohms recommended)
3 x IR emitter outputs, 1 IR Receiver Input (un-modulated), 1 IR Emitter Input (modulated),1 x zone 2
IR emitter input, 1 control bus input/output
2 x 12V trigger outputs
1 RS232C, 1 IEC type mains inlet
Max. Power Consumption 1400W
Standby power consumption <0.5W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 150 x 420mm (16.9 x 5.9 x 16.5’’)
Weight 17.4Kg (38.3lbs)


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